Collection: Test notes

  1. Apparel and Fashion: Combine 'Unisex Clothes,' 'Kids Clothes,' and 'Baby Clothes' into one category. This makes it easier for customers to browse all clothing options in one place.

  2. Accessories and Gifts: Merge 'iPhone Cases,' 'Tote Bags,' and 'Mugs' into a single category. This would streamline the shopping experience for those looking for small gifts or personal accessories.

  3. Art and Decor: Instead of separate categories for 'Art Prints,' 'Original Wall Art,' and 'Wall Art,' consolidate them into one 'Art and Decor' section. This can also include unique items listed under 'One of a Kind.'

  4. Digital Downloads: Combine 'Instant Digital Download Art' with specific subcategories like 'Zodiac,' 'Tattoo Art,' 'Anime Art,' etc., under one umbrella. This simplifies the navigation for digital art enthusiasts.

  5. Stationery: Group 'Blank Notebooks | Journals' with any other paper goods or writing-related items.

  6. Coloring Pages: Keep this as a separate category but perhaps simplify the subcategories, grouping similar themes together.

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